About-Us-header-mill“Little Mill”, 1940
About-Us-header-whiteWhite River, AR – Present Day

Welcome. Let us tell you a little about ourselves…

OriginalBirdArt.com from Mill House Gallery was originally launched in 1998 to help bird and wildlife artists show and sell their work on an international stage.

Originating in the beautiful US state of Wisconsin, the gallery was housed in Ottowa Township’s only millhouse built in the mid-1800’s. A great love of nature and it’s wildlife was nurtured along the banks of the Scuppernong Creek – a love that was reflected in the choice works of art displayed on the gallery walls. In 2007 the gallery relocated to an equally beautiful – but warmer – location on the banks of the world famous White River in Norfork, Arkansas where work still continues to provide an outlet helping artists share their talent and beauty with the world…

We hope you enjoy the paintings and sculptures within the gallery and invite you to share this site with all who appreciate great works of art.  birdman

Pictured at left: John Hazelton, Owner of Mill House Gallery with a few of the gallery’s paintings.

Les Didier's glorious Red-Breasted Nuthatch oil painting has arrived in fine condition. It will have a treasured place in our home. Your photo of this painting was very realistic and true to the original. Please pass along my thank you to Mr. Didier, for putting this painting aside for me, and for taking such great care in wrapping it for shipment.

D.P. - North Carolina, USA
I am very happy with the painting I am not an arts critic but I loved it, it has the natural touch in it, please send my kind regards to Mr. Sosa and also tell him to keep his work on our continents most secretive and elusive game bird, woodcock (culluk in my own language) because there are lots of nature lovers that are interested in seeing him on canvas (tuals.)

M.G. - Istanbul, Turkey
We received the print...it is BEAUTIFUL...and my husband had tears in his eyes, for such a thoughtful gift, that brings a flood of precious boyhood memories. Thanks for making his 60th Birthday present extra special. Please pass this message on to (artist) Mr. Mittelstadt, (Thank You Frank)

J.O. - Wisconsin, USA