picture_of_artistDon Thompson

Born “quite a while ago” in Southern Texas I grew up all over the world in an Air Force family. I retired from the Air Force myself after 22 years and have worked in Home care most of the time since then. After being told to “cut back” I have semi-retired and spend more of my time painting.

I became interested in art early in my life because we were stationed in foreign countries and our evening entertainment was frequently to sit and draw while listening to the radio. While in college for my BSN I looked into taking some classes in art but, at this particular university they thought art was laying strips of plastic in the grass or hanging bananas from a tree. So, I decided I could not advance my type of art under their tutelage.I have tried my hand at watercolor and acrylic but I prefer oil on canvas, canvas board or Masonite. I enjoy painting landscapes with & without wildlife and more recently I have discovered the joy of painting birds. I love detail and attempting to get the feathers with the color changes and shapes is a lot of fun. I most often paint them with simplistic backgrounds in an effort to place more focus on the bird itself. Because of the detail I strive for, I paint from photographs taken wherever I travel. I may change the background or branch to give more opportunity to work with lighting or overall perspective within the painting, but I won’t go “whole-hog” and move them into a background unnatural to the particular species.

I don’t enter contests and have only shown my art in a couple of galleries. However, I have sold many of my paintings and drawings to collectors through word of mouth. Most of my paintings are in private collections although some are being used commercially.