artistNancy Fortunato

When I begin a painting I approach it as a sort of challenge. I strive to edit out all of the unessential, leaving the paper sparse and uncluttered while guiding the eye via the use of negative space. I try not to encumber the work with too much detail, but use elements of good design. Every painting stimulates other possibilities, different ways to see. So, although each painting is planned and sketched with a specific idea of a finished painting in my mind, watercolor allows me to push the image beyond and into a personal view. I particularly like to play lots of dark and light colors against the white paper in order to achieve maximum color contrast. To me, focusing on scenes where light and shadows make interesting shapes is a essential issue in pursuing subject matter for my paintings.

Nancy has been included in over 200 National and International Watercolor and Art Exhibitions, and has won over 85 awards. The artist is very diversified and paints subject matter from birds to portraits—and uses numerous different techniques to achieve her finished painting. Nancy is currently serving as President of the International Society of Marine Painters.