.4384410813547971FGeorge Woodford

Lymington, Hampshire, England

English artist George Woodford has, over the years produced an extensive portfolio of Wildlife paintings.  After graduating with an honors degree from Camberwell school of Art in London, his earlier works portrayed much of his native New Forest in the south of England. The increasing demand for his work allowed him to give up his post as a senior lecturer to paint full time. He has exhibited with ‘The Society of Wildlife Artists’, ‘The Society of Marine Artists’, ‘The Marwell Art Society'(where he is a committee member), ‘The Wildlife art Society’ and ‘Nature in Art’. His work is also sold through the premier auction houses in London, private galleries and is collected by an international clientele. He has won awards, traveled widely, and the sale of his paintings has raised thousands of £/$. for conservation and other deserving causes.

George returned recently from an around-the-world trip seeking new ideas and inspiration. We are pleased to have him and his marvelous artwork back with us. – Mill House Gallery
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