JKKportrait blk and whtJoan Knuteson,  Wisconsin

Joan began working in the commercial art field since graduating with a degree in Graphic and Applied Arts.  Paper sculpture became one of her mediums to use to illustrate printed collateral pieces and promotional posters.  As a self-taught paper sculpture artist, the style Joan developed involved very detailed realistic pieces that show the texture and dimension of the papers. Eventually, Joan began creating fine art pieces for her personal enjoyment.
The materials Joan uses are selected with permanence in mind.  She prefers to use rag print papers, Japanese, and handmade papers that she can purchase from paper distributors.   All these papers have neutral pH ratings or are acid-free, which slows down the aging process.  The foam and mat boards are also acid-free
.Joan Kritchman-Knuteson has been creating paper sculpture for over 30 years. The artist uses the layering of colored and textured paper to create sculptures of birds.
Some of these would be recreated as new commissions, and the size of any new commission can be reduced (or enlarged) as long as it is the same proportion and would be priced accordingly If you have a favorite and wish information contact the Mill House Gallery (870) 499-3295 or e-mail Jhazelton499@gmail.com