Robert LeumRobert Leum

Growing up on a farm in the hills around Coon Valley, Wisconsin, my Dad, brother and I were always avid outdoorsmen. When our farming chores were completed and time would permit, hunting and fishing were next on our agenda. Thus, wildlife painting came as a natural pastime for me. I have been painting since I was a youngster and basically, am self taught, although a correspondence course when I was a teenager certainly helped me. Working a full time job as a graphic artist at a local screen printing company for 35 years, doesn’t give me much time to spend painting, except in the evenings and on weekends.

Some of my previous ventures have involved submitting original works of art to the Coon Valley Conservation Club for fund raising. I also display works in local galleries and do commission work for various friends and relatives. I spend most of my free time entering all of the Wisconsin Stamp contests.

– Won 2009 Wisconsin Waterfowl Stamp Contest
– 1st place in the 2002 Wisconsin Pheasant Stamp Contest
– 1st. Place, 2001 Wisconsin Turkey Stamp Contest (see Stamp Print)
– Tied for 1st runner up in the 2001 Wisconsin Pheasant Stamp Contest
– Honorable mention in National Wild Turkey Federation Art Contest.
– Several top ten finishes in Nevada Waterfowl and Trout Stamp competitions.

Wisconsin Wildlife Federation’s (WWF) 2002 artist of the year. Robert’s watercolor grouse print titled “Fall Drummer” was chosen from among their top 10 entries, by the club delegates and board of directors attending the WWF annual meeting, April 2002.

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