ciguenas w-manuel

My passion for nature starts in Cadiz (Andalusia) when I was thirteen years old. Amazed at the richness and abundance of wild life of that zone, I spent many years walking in woods and marshes, where I started to watch and make sketches of Avocets, Spoonbills, Flamingos and other different birds wich can be found in these lands forming inmense flocks and colonies……..Since then I dedicate my professional career to nature watching as well as to my work as an illustrator for different magazines and publishing houses. This made me travel to Madrid to finish my studies of Biology……..My works have been published for nineteen years in the most prestigious publishers and magazines in Spain. I have done many wildlife paintings shows (pioneer of this genre in Spain ), collaborated in popular wildlife TV documentaries, worked in the National Park of Doñana, travelled twice to the Amazon Forest, USA, Pacific Islands, North Africa, Scotland…, always looking for subjects and magic lights for my paintings.


All of my last shows have finished with all the paintings sold. From 1998, nine “one-man-shows” , some ones in the prestigious Duran Gallery of Madrid and six collective exhibitions more.Now, I’m selling my artwork all over the world and my paintings are in private collections of USA, Canada, Spain, Germany, France, England, Switzerland and Turkey, some in relevant places like a commissioned Lynx oil for the house of the King of Spain. Actually I am working painting the plates for an Elephant book entitled “Sosa’s interpretation of Audubon’s Birds of North America”. Is a big commissioned project and a lifetime of work…but is a legacy for the world to follow.

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