We get much pleasure and enjoyment from the art collection a friend  started back in 1997 when OBA also started.  At that time the gentleman told us that he didn’t get serious about collecting originals  until  it occurred to him  while visiting an art gallery in New Mexico and compared the price of a print to the price of it’s original. Rightfully or wrongly he felt that the prices were not all that far apart and decided he’d rather own the original and began his wonderful  collection , many of which were acquired through us that he viewed on Originalbirdart and are exhibited below.

We apologize for the poor quality of some of the images as they were taken on the gentleman’s wall in his home where the conditions are less than perfect.
We will see if Mr. Johnson can get us better images of his collection.  We’ve written our interpretation of each painting, however we expect you, the viewer, will come up with your own that is equally acceptable.